Sunday, October 26, 2008

Remote Access your PC from your Windows Mobile

Have you ever wanted to access your PC on go?

You can access your home pc or work pc from any other pc in world that is connected to WWW. Now even you can access your PC on go using your Wmobile powered Mobile Phone.

Being able to remotely access your PC is a real boon for productivity, and it makes sense to be able to do so from a portable device, as well as from another PC. GoToMyPC runs in a web browser, which makes it inherently more portable than other remote access software packages available.

The PocketView version of GoToMyPC runs on Windows Mobile Pocket PC, which means any Windows Mobile phone with a touch screen. You’re won’t get the full range of features in GoToMyPC, just remote control of your PC, and you’re won’t get all the remote control features of the latest version – there’s no sound, for example. What you do get however is access to your PC when you need it, from anywhere with a cellular data connection.

The power of PocketView isn’t in the application itself, which is very simple; it’s having access to your own PC, with your own files and applications.

You will need to do some preparation. You have to install GoToMyPC on your PC before you leave it, and you have to leave it turned on. You don't have to do anything to enable GoToMyPC PocketView; if it runs on your device you’ll be redirected automatically. But there are some settings you’ll want to change on your desktop if you’re planning to use PocketView, although you can change them once you’re connected with PocketView if necessary.

Think about whether anyone else is likely to be using your PC while you’re away; if they are you’ll want to have the mouse and keyboard lock while you’re logged in. You’ll probably want to blank the screen, unless you specifically want to show someone how to use an application on your system.

So now it is very easy to access your PC from your Windows Mobile powered mobile and feel to have a touch screen PC.

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GoToMyPC Official Site:
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Anonymous said...

Good article. There are couple of other softwares that are also used I think. Like:
1) LogMeIn:
2) WebEx PCNow:

Aviral Sharma said...

aaah nice... i'll try it with my HTC TyTN II