Friday, April 8, 2011

Android Tops Mobile Phone OS

Rising Popularity Of Android
According to a several report, Google’s Android OS has become the top mobile phone operating system used by smartphones in the United States while Samsung, LG and Motorola remained the top mobile phone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As per the report, Android finished at 31.2% for the month of January while RIM grabbed the second spot with a market share of 30.4%.

It is to be noted that popularity of Android has been rising slowly with several smartphone makers rolling out handsets using the Android platform.

It is no strange that Android handsets have witnessed increased popularity in the last couple of years. Not only in cell phones, but Android OS has made inroads in netbook and the tablet market too. Android phones rolled out by Motorola, HTC, Samsung etc are high in demand. But the question is what are the reasons behind the popularity of Android?

Factors Pushing Growth Of Android
There are several reasons accredited to the growth of Android OS. Some of the vital factors bolstering Android’s growth are

Cost Effective

Android boasts of simple user interface and a relatively low development cost as compared to other mobile OS gives Android an edge over its counterparts. At the same time it can be used for powering various cell phone models which tilts the favor in its balance.

Presence of Multiple Apps

One of the great advantages of Android is its capacity to run several applications simultaneously. Android gives users the freedom to listen to music, receive notifications etc without keeping application open. At the same times users can download their favorite apps from the Android market.

But fragmentation and vulnerability to malware attacks still remains the major roadblock for Android. To become number one mobile OS, Google needs to address these issues. With several mobile phone manufacturers focusing on the Android platform, the OS is expected to further blossom in coming days.