Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Next is Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft has already made a technical preview version of the Internet Explorer 10 platform available.

Close to a month after the release of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has already started talking about engine 10. While developing IE9, Microsoft was already allowing for the testing of the IE10 technical platform via their Test Drive.

This is a preliminary version, without the normal user interface, with the aim being to allow developers to see how their applications will react while testing changes made to the engine. An initial IE10 Platform Preview is available, with a new release to be made every 12 weeks. 

For the final IE engines, Google’s Chrome release rhythm will probably not be followed in the same way that Mozilla has with Firefox. Microsoft’s Vice-president and manager of Internet Explorer Dean Hachamovitch nevertheless slipped in this remark: "Increased cadence just means bigger version numbers".

According to Dean Hachamovitch "The only native experience of the Web and HTML5 today is on Windows 7 with IE9". With the Platform Preview, this starts with the support of new standards (and not only for HTML5).

·         Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 (CSS3) support

o    Flexible Box (“Flexbox”) Layout
o    Grid Alignment/Layout
o    Multi-column Layout
o    Gradients (on background images)
·         ECMAScript 5 (ES5) support
o    The strict variant of ECMAScript (“ES5 strict mode”)

For the next preliminary version of IE10, these are 3D CSS3 transitions and transformations. We can also point out that these standards have already been integrated into competing browsers.

During the MIX11 conference which is currently taking place in Las Vegas, a demonstration of IE10 was made using a machine powered by ARM architecture and therefore running Windows 8. One of the demonstrations Microsoft was also presenting during the week was that IE10 was faster and more fluid than Google Chrome with different HTML5 and CSS3 functions.

So let’s watch the browser war.