Sunday, April 3, 2011

What is Windows Embedded?

Windows Embedded offers a comprehensive suite of operating systems and tools that can help device manufacturers reduce time to market and improve connected device performance. Windows Embedded technology powers embedded systems that enable organizations to connect to IT infrastructure, increase staff efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Thousands of embedded devices have been built with Windows Embedded products, from portable ultrasound machines to GPS devices and from ATMs to devices that power large construction machinery. With comprehensive features, easy-to-use tools, free evaluation kits and access to a large network of community support, Windows Embedded helps yield faster time to market and decreased embedded development costs.

Primary customers include OEMs, enterprise, and service providers that select Windows Embedded for seamless integration with the Microsoft infrastructure and services that include:
  •          Management, security, and identity: updates, upgrades, remote servicing, provisioning
  •          Data synchronization: device to cloud, device to PC, device to device
  •          Usage profiling
  •          Location services
  •          Advertising services
  •          Business intelligence and line-of-business applications
  •    Device signals: access to data regarding device capabilities and services

Key Advantages of the Windows Embedded Platform

  •  A full range of Windows Embedded products (from componentized to off-the-shelf) give embedded developers the flexibility to build and manage a range of devices — including connected devices, kiosks, point-of-sale, digital signage, communication devices, and peripherals — on a single platform.
  • As a single platform from device to IT infrastructure and cloud computing, the Windows Embedded platform facilitates connectivity between Point of Service and Windows-based enterprise IT systems, including CRM, inventory, sales tools, and business intelligence.
  • Windows Embedded developers have access to the latest Windows 7 for Embedded Systems features, including BitLocker® drive encryption for data protection, and advanced Windows Touch technologies and power management.
  • Window Embedded is a safe investment, backed by Microsoft support and extended availability as well as a worldwide network of partners with related expertise, experience, and complementary offerings for unparalleled design and build support.
  • Windows Embedded is grounded in a long history of partnership between Microsoft and market leaders in the retail and hospitality industries who consistently drive innovation in retail solutions.