Friday, November 18, 2011

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google Search is the most popular search engine now in the world, but we don't use it effectively. Google search engine is really amazingly powerful tool. Searching correctly on Google can ease and enhance your Internet search capability.

Here is some of the search Tip/Secrets that I came to know and found useful so sharing this with my friends.

::Here are the Tips and Tricks::

1. Use Google as Calculator

We often need to do calculations and Google can help us to perform various arithmetic calculations quickly on a browser. So from now whenever you need to do a quick calculation, you can just type your expression in to Google search box.

Example: (6*5)/2, sqrt(81) etc.


2. Know the Current Time

You can find the current time, not just in your city but also for any city in the world using Google Search. To know time in your current city just type "time" and press enter. To know time in any other city or country, use the following syntax.

Syntax: time in city/country
Example: time in New York, time in India etc.

3. Find Definition of any word

Whenever you want to find definition of a word or a phrase just use the "define" command.

Example: define awesome

4. Find the Stock Price

To find the stock or share price just type "Share" or "Stock" followed by the company name.

Example: Share HCL


5. Find Explicit Phrase

Lets say you are looking for Computer Basics. Instead of just typing Computer Basics into the Google search box if you use the quotes operator, you will get better results having the exact phrase that you entered in the Google search box.

Example: "Computer Basics"


6. Similar Words and Synonyms

If you want to include a word in your search and also want to include results that contain similar words or synonyms, you can use "~"(tilde) in front of that word.

Example: Computer ~Geek


7. Searching within a Specific Website

You can search for a text in a specific website. The following example shows how to search only within msdn – This searches the term "Azure" in all the pages of this blog.

Example: site: Azure


8. Searching Specific Document Types

If you want to find a specific document like a Power Point Presentation(ppt), doc or a mp3 file, you can use "filetype:" operator.

Example: C Language filetype:pdf


9. This OR That

When you perform a search, by default Google will include all the terms specified in the search. If you are looking for any one of the two or more terms to match, then you can use the OR operator.

Example: C Language examples OR programs

Note: The OR has to be capitalized


10. Searching for a Range

Searching for a range is useful especially if you are searching for years, price range etc. You need to enter two dots (periods) between the lower and upper boundary of your range.

Example: HTC Mobile $100..$400


11. Exclude Words in the Search

If you want Google to exclude a word while searching the web, then use – (minus) before the search as shown below. This example searches for the pages which has the word "ebooks", and without the word "buy".

Example: ebooks -buy


12. Unit Conversion using Google

You can convert one unit into another using Google. It can be useful if you want to convert units like Kilogram into gram or pound, Centimeter into Meter etc.

Example: kg to pound

Similarly you can try km in mile, inch in feet, acre in square feet, sec in ms, kilobyte in byte etc.

13. Money Conversion

Like units, you can also convert currency of one country into currency of other country.

Example: USD in INR, USD in EURO etc.

14. Know Weather of a Place

You can know weather of a particular city using Google search. Use the "weather" operator followed by the city name.

Example: weather london

Hope you will enjoy searching the web after reading this article.